“Niedergang kirchlicher Medien” ?

Die Sendung “Theo.Logik” – über Gott und die Welt des Bayerischen Rundfunks hat sich mit den Kirchenzeitungen und anderen christlichen Medien befasst. Meine Meinung dazu kann man zum Teil im Beitrag hören.

Was nicht dort zu hören ist: Ich stimme der Prämisse eines großen Niedergangs nur bedingt – eigentlich gar nicht – zu. Es wird immer eine katholische Publizistik gehen, wenn auch vielleicht unter anderen Vorzeichen…

Presenting on “Crisis and Opportunity: The Digital Challenge to Journalism and the Catholic Press”

This weekend, I am finalising a paper I will give in Zagreb in Croatia on Monday titled  “Crisis and Opportunity: The Digital Challenge to Journalism and the Catholic Press”. The talk will also be published later as part of the proceedings of the event, which marks the 50th anniversary of the Diocesan newspaper of Zagreb, Glas Koncila.

My paper focusses on two major (and global) developments challenging the weekly press: the digital communications revolution and the deprofessionalisation of journalism. I critically analyse both phenomena and how these two factors are described as being interconnected. Finally, my paper draws attention to a third major factor, which is more peculiar (but not unique to) the Catholic press, viz. the secularisation of Western media and society, and the rise of non-Catholic religious communications.

Why bother? Because in doing so, my paper not only casts a critical eye on how these factors interact, but also what they mean for the future of periodic publications in general and Catholic weeklies in particular. I close with a number of concrete suggestions for Catholic scholars, publishers and journalists in order to deal with these challenges.

If anyone is interested in the presentation, get in touch – I will not be sharing it before it is published some time next year though.