Day 170 of the Great Big Marathon 10k Swimming Adventure: Three months out from the race – the first outside swim of the year!

Finally! After more than seven months doing laps indoors, it was time to swim outside. As much as I enjoy my 6am swims in the indoor pool – this was a treat. And one I hope to repeat soon.

[Begin v/o with Morgan Freeman’s voice]

Imagine a balmy evening after a long, hot summers’ day in our valley. Picture yourself diving into the smooth, silky water of a 50 meter outdoor pool on a hillside overlooking a Bavarian Alpine valley.

Here is a live  webcam view from the “left hand side” of the valley; not the pool itself, but you will get the picture.

As you dive into the pleasantly cool, clear water and look around, you see that there are hardly any people in it – since they prefer the warmer water of the “half inside/half outside” pool. You almost have the pristine water to yourself.

In other words: It was bliss.

[/end of Morgan Freeman voiceover]

In numbers, I swam for a total of 1:18:03 over 4.400m at an average of 1:49/100m – if you have been following my progress (or lack thereof) you will notice that I was a bit slower than per usual. Perhaps because of the 50m length?   

Here are the individual sets:


Not all of these sets were freestyle. I swam an IM (butterfly, back, breast, free) in the third and sixth set, backstroke in the fifth for instance. Also, my warm-up and cool-downs are always “too fast”, it seems; I do consciously try to relax for them, but that needs work.

Note to Garmin: I would be happy to display the actual graphics of my data collected by my Fenix 3 off of Garmin Connect, but since Garmin still hast not produced a Chrome OS-compatible version of its site, nor an iPad app (it is just the iPhone one blown up), it would be too cumbersome.

Come on Garmin, please get with the times on this :) Love your work.

Swimming as a family thing – and a great opportunity to be a good father

One of the benefits of the Great Big Swimming Adventure is that my offspring have taken a bigger interest in swimming, too. The older kids in particular try and keep up for a few laps, and I give them little coaching sessions whenever we hit the water. They are very determined to themselves and me that they can do full laps, learn butterfly and tumble turns. I love having this as a shared activity, as does their mother. We are a swimmer family (no puns please). Mind you, I wish there was a rigorous swimming program available for them, but surprisingly for a place so keen on sports, there isn’t.

Three months out from the race

Not long now, and I should be able to swim on the lakes around us. We were on a daytrip to Austria yesterday, so we stopped at the Heiterwanger See. Since we walked about 20 minutes in the heat, we were keen to jump in when we got there. It was bloody cold – I reckon about 12 degrees Celsius (53 Fahrenheit) but very refreshing. No way I could do laps in it though. The Heiterwanger flows into the also stunningly beautiful Plansee. It is a 5 kilometres long and about 1,5 kilometres wide. Fancy a dip? I do!

Plansee (CC-Image by "Vince51" on Wikimedia)
Plansee (CC-Image by “Vince51” on Wikimedia)