Day 120 of the Great Big Marathon 10k Swimming Adventure: Training log and some crazy stuff

First up, a summary of the session this morning:

Swam 4.725 (more like 4.9 – see below) kilometer all up. (That equals 190+ laps and 1318kCal)

  • Warm up of 200m casual free in 5:29 (plus about 150 or so, since the watch did not start at first attempt)
  • 100m butterfly in 1:50 (that hurt but got the heart pumping)
  • 100m butterfly/free in 1:41
  • 1k free as fast as I could keep up in 14:54 (=one second over my PB over that distance)
  • A “back/front pyramid” of sorts:
    • 200m backstroke with paddles and pullbuoy
    • 200m backstroke with pullboy
    • 200m backstroke
    • 100m back kick
    • 100m front kick
    • 200m free
    • 200m free with pull buoy
    • 200m free with pull buoy and paddles
  • Several short sets of free style drills (“chicken wings” and the like)
  • 1650m free at cruise pace in 26:53 (that’s 1:38/100m average) and overtaking/dodging a breast stroker and a cowboy intermittently

So what about the crazy stuff?

Sounds batty, but anecdotally this is true: Whenever I have the pool to myself at 6am, as I did this morning, experience has shown that by 7:30am, it is pretty chockers. It’s almost like there is a bunch of lurkers who will suddenly rock up whenever there is less than three people in the water. Call it the

“Law of Pool Occupancy” (LAWPO): Where any brief amount of time during which a pool is empty except for yourself will be followed by instances of sudden crowding and extended poor behaviour by less-than-competent bathers.

Probably the next thing people will start doing in the lap lane (CC Image via Florida Archives)
Probably the next thing people will start doing in the lap lane (CC Image via Florida Archives)

You see, there is always at least one instance of pool etiquette ignorance involved. Usually a “person”, to put it neutrally, that will try to swim in the one roped-off lane, but really shouldn’t. Today, it was an elderly breast stroker who suddenly decided to join another regular lap swimmer and myself. We just switched over to swimming clock-wise and cruising past. Then, of course, just as the breast stroker moved over into the normal swimming area (which had enough room in the first place, d’uh), a familiar pair of bathers suddenly appeared that belong to a middle-aged dude whose knowledge of pool manners is inversely proportionate to how well he thinks he can swim. At which point it decided, given it was 7.30 am and I had clocked almost 5k, this was a good point to leave the water for today.

Really, there is not much crazy stuff that happens between 6am and 8am in this little gym pool I frequent. But it is enough to warrant me writing a German language guide to going swimming and pool etiquette. It is in the works and I will add to it and then publish it as I get some time to do so.

In the meantime, I hope there will be one or two regulars with me in the water at 6am tomorrow, or I better brace myself for more silliness thanks to LAWPO.