Day 127 of the Great Big Marathon 10k Swimming Adventure

Felt really grubby on Sunday night after not being in the pool for four days and had everything ready in the car to get going first thing today. That said, I almost did not get up at 5am this morning. Really had to force myself to a “heroic moment” of sorts just getting out of bed. And then still felt very cold and tired all the way to the pool.

After a longer warm-up, I was back at home in the water though. And loving it.

(CC Image by Hopscotchbaby via DeviantArt)
(CC Image by Hopscotchbaby via DeviantArt)

No regrets.

Training summary today: 1:23:24 of swimming, 4700 meters, 188 lengths at an overall average of 1:42/100m, SWOLF of 34, and burned 1300 kCal

  • 300m warm-up at 1:38/100m free
  • 1550m free at 1:37/100m cruisy but not dithering
  • 1350m free at 1:38/100m cruisy
  • 100m kickdrills with pullbuoy as kickboard
  • 100m kickdrills on the back
  • 350m back with pullbuoy (nice and relaxed, 2:02/100m)
  • 100m back in 1:58 (still quite relaxed)
  • 4 sets of 100m individual medley (butterfly/back/breast/free at 25m each), at a time of 1:41 (fastest) to 1:54 (slowest) per 100m
  • 450m cool down (slow free, with some shenanigans to relax)

Pool was very full today, fuller than I have seen it any morning since I started my 6am-stints. Maybe it is because it is spring, and the sun rises a lot earlier? Or because there has been a bit of swimming in the mainstream mass media? Anyway. No real complaints here: Had half a lane to myself. Mind you, I had to wait with butterfly till the large breast stroker had left (even with freestyle I hugged the lane rope). But at least no cowboys jumped in my way. And the little butterfly I get in is not really a big deal anyway.