Røde smartLav+ microphone: first impressions

So today I finally received the package with the brand new Røde smartLav+ microphone. Comes in a nice box, which in turn holds a leather pouch with the whole kit in it. As you can see, the smartLav+ comes with everything you need: a nice bag, tiny wind proof sock (so tiny it is hard… Continue reading Røde smartLav+ microphone: first impressions

“Instant” Video and the Deprofessionalisation of Journalism

Whether you are covering the revolution(s) in Egypt as a blogger from downtown Cairo or recording a sports event in your local area for posting on the news portal or a TV news channel: We are fast approaching a point of "instant" and ubiquitous video recording – but, crucially, also publication on sites like YouTube… Continue reading “Instant” Video and the Deprofessionalisation of Journalism