AC’s Books and Writing

AC Wimmer is also a published author of fiction, trained philosopher and, to his own bafflement, a reluctant poet – here is a selection of writings to download for free and/or purchase. Check out his author page at Amazon for more reading material – and for the academic research side, connect with him at

A simple decision can force you to choose between life and death – but what if you don’t know which one will lead to which? 
This is a brief but rewarding psychological thriller. It plays out on a road trip along the Mediterranean coast. We join a young, successful British-American couple driving from France to Spain. They take on a mysterious Spanish passenger and drive into an escalating eeriness that leads up to a life-changing moment – and tells a powerful parable about how our modern lives are still subject to nature’s ultimate power, but are suffused with supernatural meaning. 
“The Scorcher” is a short story based on true events that caused ripples across Europe in 2011 – and on the author’s personal experience with Australian bushfires