Wimmerblog is the website of Anian Christoph Wimmer, a German-Australian freelance journalist and author.

Amongst other things, Christoph (or Chris, or Anian – depending on whom you ask, he is not fussed) edits the German language edition of the international Catholic News Agency over at http://www.CNAdeutsch.de, advises people and institutions about digital and content strategy stuff and occasionally teaches journalism, too.

His work as writer, producer, broadcaster and presenter has been featured at CNA/EWTN News, SBS Australia (where he worked for ten years as journalist and manager), Pro Sieben TV, the ZDF’s heute, Münchner Merkur, Münchner Kirchenzeitung, M Eins – Fernsehen für München, Catholic Herald UK, the Catholic News Service,  Antenne Bayern, Radio Arabella, Radio Charivari, and many other media.

Christoph has taught journalism at Monash University, was an Honorary Research Fellow in Communications at the University of Melbourne, and holds degrees in Philosophy, Chinese and German Studies. His PhD dissertation about the Epistemology of Journalism awaits completion, and has so for many, many years. Don’t mention the thesis.

And yes, since his childhood years in South Africa, the happily married father of four is a passionate swimmer who occasionally blogs on this website these days – and still dreams of writing prose for a living.

To contact him directly, get in touch on Twitter @AnianWimmer or send him an email.