It’s the Sacraments, Stupid: Seven Reflections on the Crisis of the Church

It would be eye-opening to write about the crisis of the Catholic Church by way of the Sacraments. In 2019, the seven Sacraments are seven symptoms of the crisis of Catholicism. Any serious diagnosis, let alone treatment, of the morbus Catholicus needs to account for these.

So I have decided to do so. I will cover each of the seven Sacraments in the coming weeks in seven individual chapters. They will be also be published on CNA Deutsch in German as short essays, and I hope to publish them as a book eventually.

I know how hard it can be to live with the Sacraments as a convert and practicing Catholic, and I cover the state of the Sacraments professionally every day as a journalist. And to the philosopher, the topic is of incredible fascination.

That said, on this topic I will necessarily write with no claim to expertise other than my own love for the Truth and grateful experience of how important the Sacraments are to me and the loved ones in my life.

Stay tuned – I will publish some preliminary thoughts, bits and pieces on the blog as part of the writing process.