Welcome to the rebooted Wimmerblog

Rebooting this blog today. Must be my fourth blog. The others, not all written in my name, are history.

The blog is updated every day or so. In my other roles, I cover a lot of news and current affairs – and then I do other forms writing. This is one more, mainly for observations and opinions, snippets, marginalia and other things that have nowhere else to go.

There is also a hygienic aspect.

Like many (or maybe only few) journalists, I struggle with a déformation professionelle that stops me from writing down the most interesting things. It is a perplexity which comes from there being too many interesting things to write about, to paraphrase a passage from “Tremendous Trifles”. Journalism necessarily pretends that “ordinary and unmeaning existence” is irrelevant, when Chesterton rightly asserts it is “like ten thousand thrilling detective stories mixed up with a spoon”.