Why I love rainy Saturday mornings 

So the air is cool at about 13 degrees centigrade (55ish Fahrenheit) and the balmy water, ten degrees warmer, feels like silk. The pool is yours to lap, only three or four other people show up and no one gets in each other’s way. Bliss.

(I can’t really understand how people will rather stay in the indoor 25m pool when you have this beckoning outside. But boy am I grateful they do. )

My first swim session just over 3k this year. Slower than previously but could not care less. Really feels like I am back in the groove after spending the last 18 months mostly on dry land, setting up the freelance business and launching CNA Deutsch.  Still don’t really have time to swim but am doing it because I have missed it a lot and it keeps me sane, healthy and bloody happy.