The Swimmer Fight or Flight response – Why I am nervous about practice every. single. time.)

The Fight or Flight Response – interesting take on what all swimmers probably deal with


Last night, I couldn’t swim.

Okay, technically that’s not true. My arms moved. I rotated. I did something with my legs, maybe, and I managed to breathe.

I knew before going in that it was going to be “that kind” of swim day.

My nerves were as engaged as my core even before I got in the car.

Sometimes, you just know it. There’s a feeling inside you, which may, of course, be a cycle of self-defeating energy.

Sometimes, you just don’t have the swimmer inside of you.

And if I’m truly honest, I have to admit that the swimmer doubt, the swimmer insecurity, the “what if I can’t”, is a part of every single time I swim.

I have been swimming with my incredible team for nearly 14 years.

And yet, every single time I know I have to head to practice, I reconsider.

There are a million other…

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