Day 131 of the Great Big 10k Swimming Adventure: Quick dip Friday!

Not an accurate representation, but just what it feels like of a morning lately...(CC Image by Greg Salter via Wikimedia)
Not an accurate representation, but just what it feels like of a morning lately…(CC Image by Greg Salter via Wikimedia)

The perfect way to end the working week: Have a quick dip Friday!

It’s been gnarly, but not in a good way … very busy morning, back to back appointments from 8:30 am till lunch time and then knuckling down to do some actually very urgent work for the paper. Plus a business trip this week and other stuff. Stressful, some unhealthy foods, plus two (!) days of swimming I missed out on.

Could feel stress and general feelings of grubbiness creeping up on me.

So even a quick dip with only 3.8k was a relief and helped to start the day right and end the working week well.

Knowing I had to leave early, I really tried to make proper use of my precious time in the water: concentrating on stroke technique and breathing, and pushing myself. I have been working on my turns as well, trying to get good dolphin kicks in when pushing off the wall. That and concentrating on different breathing patterns in freestyle. Building lung capacity. Breathing bilaterally.

(Forget Google Glass and Apple Watch and Amazon’s Alexa.When will someone finally make some wearable gills?)

But I digress. So, yep:

3.8k today, 152 laps in 1:07 hour of swimming. Burnt 1031 kCal according to my Garmin Swim.

Average stroke rate was higher than usual: 10 strokes per lap apparently. Guess that comes from working a bit harder today instead of cruising. The sets:

  • 200m warm-up free at 1:37/100m
  • 300m free style at 1:30/100m (then had to adjust goggle), working hard
  • 700m free at 1:34/100m, working hard
  • (So all up I did 1k in 4:30 and 10:56=15:27m)
  • 200m kickdrills front/back, really working on streamlining and nice loose ankles
  • 400m free with pullbuoy, focussing on technique in 6:58
  • 150m back with pullbuoy (relaxed but also squished to the wall) in 3:00
  • 150m back in 3:02 cruising
  • 1500m free at 1:39/100m, cruising briskly but not bruising, in 24:42 all up
  • 200m fly/breast/shenanigans to cool down

Unfortunately, the trend to busy lanes and overcrowding is ongoing. Apparently a lot of people want to lose weight or improve their swimming of a morning now. But it is still way too cold for swimming outside. Can’t wait for Spain.