Day 114 of the Great Big 10k Swimming Adventure: Getting wet after Easter and some shoddy metaphors

After four days out of the water over the Easter weekend, I finally got back in the pool today. Yay!

What our village looks like this fine April
What our village looks like this fine April

Coming in out of the -2.5 degree centigrade weather (that is 27.5°F for all you Americans), snow still thick on the car after a 45 minute drive, there is no better feeling than jumping into a hot shower and then into the pleasantly cool pool. Having a lane to myself and sharing the pool with only two other swimmers at 6am already was glorious.

Mind you, I noticed during the warmup that I was not 100% comfortable physically. I wonder if I am catching that cold that the rest of the family is struggling with after all. Also, I had to finish 30 minutes early because there was a lot of urgent work today before the newspaper could go into print at noon. That said, it still was just bloody glorious to swim off everything on my mind and gear up for the day. Training-wise, I added some individual medley sets to the mix, since I am tackling the fly as part of this adventure now. That gets the old ticker pumping. Total time swimming today: 1:12:52, overall distance 4.000m (160 laps)

  • 200m freestyle warm-up (3:19)
  • 6x4x25m individual medley  (so that’s fly, back, breast, free for 25m each, and four sets of those) in – on average – 1:50 minutes
  • 1000m free in 18:10 (with some bilateral and intermittent breathing, but just feeling a bit crappy)
  • 500m free with pullbuoy and paddles in 8:13
  • 250m free with just pullbuoy in 4:01
  • 100m kickdrill front
  • 100m kickdrill back
  • 1100m free in 18:08 (you can tell I now was properly warmed up and felt a bit more comfortable)
  • 100m another IM just for fun in 1:49
  • 100m just relaxed cooldown

There are many metaphors to describe the joys and wonders of swimming. One that I keep coming back to lately is that of a reset button, but not in the sense that I press that button by swimming. It is more like you actually swim to get to a stage where you can reset yourself for the day…a stage that you have to swim down to (during the warm-up?) and then you can actually press. If that makes sense.