How to spot a swimmer on dry land

How do you spot a swimmer on dry land? It used to be easy: Just follow the faint trail of chlorine.

(CC Image by Daniel Oines)
(CC Image by Daniel Oines)

Not anymore.

With filtration systems improving these days, arguably the best way is to look for a certain type of person huddled in a large, fluffy parka, according to Mike Gustafson, who is dissecting swimmer lingo over at the USA Swimming website. He claims, in fact that

It’s easy to walk around and spot swimmers: They’re the large-shouldered, goggle-eyed individuals probably sleeping in some corner somewhere.

Yep. Now let’s get one thing straight: Mike Gustafson makes it sound like this is something younger swimmers are particularly prone to do. Let me assure you, the only reason older swimmers such as yours truly are not caught doing this is simply because we have too much other stuff on (like, errm, work) to get away with this, except on public transport and – some weekends or days off – at home, every now and then in a car waiting for the kids to pop out of whatever venue you have driven them to…… you get the picture.

Read the full story, it is worth it.