Day 56 of the Great Big 10k Marathon Swimming Adventure: Shovelling snow instead of hitting the pool

Brrrr – view from the window

With temps hitting around minus 11 degrees Centigrade again, snow piling up around the house (we live about 900m above sea level), and both the wife and most kids sick with a nasty stomach bug, my first day of holidays went rather differently as orginially planned. I got up at 6am to help the last healthy child to some brekkie and then see her off to school; then I shovelled snow for a good one and a half hours, listening to a very good podcast about Phenomenology (even poor old Melvyn Bragg was cold, sneezing off mic at one point). Then I spent most of the day drawing up some urgent strategy papers for work, getting at least the bare minimum of emails done and redacting an article on a monastery which is going into print tomorrow. Phew.

Unsurprisingly, I am feeling a bit under the weather too, so I wisely decided not to give my 7pm training a go today. Instead, I read up on some local (i.e. Bavarian) open water comps and events this year. Looks like there is a lot going on and I will check out the details later. In the meantime, have a gander at my linklist; I will try and compile a useful collection of information and links to stories there.

Now it is past 8pm and I am ready for a quiet evening (pray the kids go to sleep soon) with my recuperated better half. Look forward to the second day of holidays tomorrow – and hopefully a proper training session.