Day 51 of the Great Big 10k Marathon Swimming Adventure: A quick dip at Wave Mountain

Went to the nearest proper pool today at opening time. Since I could not do my normal routine (and won’t be for two weeks), I also wanted to see if this would be a good solution for the next fortnight.

It is not. Despite the very nice stainless steel 25m pool, friendly staff, clean environment and spectacular views of the Alps around. (In summer an amazing 50m outdoor pool, amongst other treats, turns this place into my favourite exercise spot short of swimming in the ocean).

You see, the Wellenberg (“Wave Mountain”) like most public pools here, has no lane ropes, no pool etiquette, but usually a good number of people either standing around in the lanes, or carefully breaststroking to keep their hair dry, or just jumping in from the side nilly-willy. Turns out that at opening time, the average age at the pool is about 65, and the average swimmer struggles to do a straight 25m doing breast stroke. Jumping? Not so much. Usually, people are friendly, but their attitude and understanding of how you behave in a pool has more to do with bathing than swimming, let alone doing laps.
Next I will test the waters after 7pm to see if that is any better.

Anyway, I got 1800m in, just a quick dip in other words, and did so pretty much squished to one side. Then it just got too full.

Warmup: 6×25=300m
Main set: 40×25=1000m in 16:02
Drills: 6x 25 kick/25 pullbuoy=300m
Cool down: mixed medley 200m

Tomorrow, I will get up early and stop on my way to a business meeting to swim in a place I have not been to yet. Will let you know how that goes. If possible, I will do 2x2k or 1x4k.

Berlin, junge Frauen im Strandbad Wannsee
CC image via Wikimedia