Day 31 of the Great Big Marathon 10k Swimming Adventure: Changing daily routine and habits

Right! So I am on the last train ride out of Munich for at least a week. No, I am not taking a break from work. After a smooth and easy return to the pool yesterday, I will tomorrow start the experiment of a new training regimen to step up the weekly swimming load ahead of the 5k race I plan to swim later this year.

CC Image by Sun Ladder via Wikimedia
CC Image by Sun Ladder via Wikimedia

The regimen means trying out a change of daily routine; getting ready in the evening and then heading off quite early. Given my commute and work hours, this needs trying and experimenting. I need to give it a bit of time and there are some unknown variables in the equation. The biggest of these is the question whether there actually is any good swimming to be had at 6am or 7am. Another is whether I can keep this up mentally and physically, in particular the driving. Anyway, the plan is as follows:

-Prepare a breakfast smoothie (what I like doing is this: a pinch of linseed and wheat bran, almost a porridge worth of crushed oats, plus yoghurt and a dash of milk, frozen/fresh fruits according to availability, maybe a dollop of peanut butter, maybe a spoonful of honey – this is mostly inspired by Donal Buckley)
-Prepare a sandwich/lunch when the day ahead I don’t meet up for lunch with someone
-Pack swimming gear and work stuff plus clothes into the car
-Lights out at 10pm

-Get up at 5:30 am and jump into a warm tracksuit
-drive to pool (50 minutes, the computer reckons) with audiobook / fresh podcasts for company
-hit the water at about 6:30 am
-swim till about 7:30 am
-shower and get ready for work
-at about 8:00 am take the subway – which is only a few minutes’ walk
-Subway is a good ten minutes, so at work 8:15 am, which is perfect

In summary, that gives me one solid hour of swimming a day, which makes for a daily average of 3k or thereabouts – and a weekly base load of 15k. Add to that a swimming date night with the gorgeous wife and/or family pool sessions, and that should be a solid amount for the time being. To ease into the habit, I will try this out starting tomorrow for a week – till next Friday – and then evaluate how things are going.

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