Day 30 of the Great Big Marathon 10k Swimming Adventure: Easing back into it

Feel like a bit of a sook (as we say in Australia; the German word most closely resembling this is probably “warm water showerer”, i.e. Warmduscher), but it probably was the right decision: I gradually am easing myself back into the swimming regimen. Today was the first swim since 25 December, after which I took ill for several days. I almost rested up for a week before returning to the pool. Mind you, like a right sook I am still sniffling and sneezing and coughing, but no more flu symptoms thankfully, and otherwise I feel fine.

Now, I have blogged before about the feeling of hitting the water after an extended leave – almost three weeks certainly is “extended” – but today was different. No real exhilaration. Just a feeling of being in a good environment, in other words: comfy.

Not knowing whether there would be more swimmers joining the single lane available to me, and being on a schedule, I just swam a straight 1000m; also just to see how I felt about that. It felt good. I could have gone on. Took me 16:57 minutes, which is on par with my training before the break.

I added some drills with the pullbuoy/kickboard, backstrokes and kicks mostly, and cooled down with a few more easy laps, working on my bilateral breathing, and finished with a few breast strokes with dolphin kick.

All up this amounted to a humble 1450metres…ah well. I am back on track, and you have to crawl before you walk, right? In the meantime, I will remind myself of the water in Portbou, and that I will dive into this in a few months’ time.

The Mediterranean on the border between Spain and France
The Mediterranean on the border between Spain and France