Day 5 of the Great Big 10k Marathon Swim Adventure: Picking a race and turning pool time into a date night

Been looking at which Open Water races to compete in next year on my way to the Big 10k. There are some races in Spain that look perfect date-wise and my better half and I could both sign up for, not to mention maybe one or two of the kids, as they have  shorter sections too:


The 5k Garbet to Coléra on 23 August 2015


The 6k or 3k Swimtrail in L’Ametlla de Mar  on 5 September 2015

Unfortunately, the also very enticing “Oceanman” Swim in Cala Montgó is on 13 September; it has great distances for all ages and abilities according to their website, but that is the day before school starts back in Bavaria. No can do. Perhaps the Oceanman is one for the final stretch of the Great Big Marathon Swim Adventure?

Anyway, summer is far off and many laps to be swum till then. Had a wonderful swim date with the wife last night.  The Wellenberg pool has an outdoor section with a wonderful view of the Ammer Alps, and after swimming we relaxed in the warm water, steam trailing off the surface into the winter night. Romantic and relaxing. Nothing like having a date with the love of your life poolside after yet another stressful and demanding week at work. I highly recommend it: quality time and exercise and a great setting all rolled into one.

Speaking of exercise: I swam 2k, given that I wanted to spend time with my wife not just under water, but the times were not bad considering. All up I lapped 1,925 m at an average 1:40 min/100m in 35:40 mins according to the watch:

Screengrab of swim last night from Garmin Connect
Screen grab of swim last night from Garmin Connect