Day 3 of the Great Big Marathon 10k Swim Adventure

Yesterday I swam 2.7k in our local 25m indoor pool. I was swimming for just over 47 minutes to do 109 laps according to my Garmin Swim. Mucked around a bit for drills (also: did not put drill timer on) but sets should still be accurate.

200m warmup at 1.34 minutes per 100m
1000m comfy but not slow in 17.22 mins
1000m with a higher rate in 16.36 mins
about 450 mixed drills with a kickboard and then a bit of paddles
100m Cooldown breast stroke with butterfly kick

Was disappointed with time of first 1000m set. Was I overgliding? I decided to set my rhythm at a higher pace (giving myself a mental “tick-tock” clock) and then go again. Ok, I was almost a minute faster. But somehow still felt underwhelmed. I guess because I want to break the 15 minutes/k for so long now.

Breaking the 15minutes per 1 kilometer ist not a primary goal but a personally important one. Albeit one I expect to tackle during this Great Big Adventure on the way.

Ok. Slept well and woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after that swim. Fixed a special brekkie for the wife since it is our wedding anniversary. But I am very pensive after a long interview with a very interesting woman who is fighting cancer. The interview is for the paper and radio, but I might post some more about this in English on the blog. Makes you humble and grateful.