Swimming from Spain to France (to be updated)

Ok, just from Portbou to Cerbère.

We agreed to meet at 8am – that’s early by Catalonian and holiday standards – when the sea was still calmer and less motorboats and other watercraft around. My swimming friend, Toni, had swum around the promontory that separates the two bays (and countries) before. We knew we had about 3.5k to swim, out of the bay of Portbou, past “Falcon Point” – which the locals call “Brother Point”, because it a rock there looks like a praying monk – and along several shallow bays, some with tiny beaches, and then into the more narrow but picturesque harbour of Cerbère.

The sea was warm and calm, and we had no scary encounters with motorboats (which I am more worried about than any marine animals when swimming in the Mediterranean at least). After a good hour we reached France and were met on the beach by our wives and kids for a lovely morning on the beach followed by a very good lunch at the “Pop” (Octopus) Restaurant.

Part II to follow soon

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