Røde smartLav+ microphone: first impressions

So today I finally received the package with the brand new Røde smartLav+ microphone. Comes in a nice box, which in turn holds a leather pouch with the whole kit in it.

As you can see, the smartLav+ comes with everything you need: a nice bag, tiny wind proof sock (so tiny it is hard to see), clip, and the mic of course, which is rolled up into a nice little strap.

I decided on this particular piece a couple of weeks ago, after asking my old buddy and tech expert Trevor Long which mic I should get for recording and producing professional audio with my iPad Air. He actually recommended a different Røde for podcasting. Since I regularly record interviews for radio too using this device, and since I would like to record a video blog using the iPad as well, I decided on a lavalier solution.

Mind you: the main requirement is that it just plugs into my iPad and records broadcast quality audio. That way, I’m theoretically able to report from anywhere at anytime for any medium: web, social media, TV, radio, podcast, blog, and of course print. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined as a rookie journalist in the 1990s that this would be technical reality in twenty years’ time. Can’t wait for 2034, if I am still alive then.

I will update with a review once I have tried the mic out – in the meantime note that I used it to write most of this post using voice dictation on the iPad.