Check out my first short story…it’s free for a short time!

To celebrate the publication of my first piece of fiction – a short story you will finish in 30 minutes or less – it is available for free for a short time – until January 12, 2014, to be precise. After that, it is 0.99 cents, so still quite affordable.

The piece is called “The Scorcher” and is based on (yep) true events. Several in fact which I have mostly experienced myself. However, at heart the story is about how a simple decision can force you to choose between life and death – and what if you don’t know which one will lead to which?

It plays out on a road trip along the Mediterranean coast. We join a young family, a British-American couple and their daughter driving from France to Spain. They take on a mysterious Spanish passenger and drive into an escalating eeriness that leads up to a life-changing moment. For me, it is a parable about how our modern lives are still subject to nature’s ultimate power, but are suffused with supernatural meaning. At least that is what I was aiming for.

So check it out: Read “The Scorcher” and then post here to give me some (gentle please) feedback.


Oh, and before you send me an email to ask: How the hell does a guy with a beautiful wife, four kids, two dogs, two rabbits, a cat – not to mention that more than full-time job as an editor-in-chief and journalist – find the time to write? Well, it’s neither magic nor a secret: As mentioned previously, I am an extreme commuter. I have at least two hours every day that I spend on trains. In the mornings I may spend about half the time just preparing for work, but in the evenings it is a different story. I also love writing to relax at home of an evening and on weekends, holidays and even in the bath tub. Other people might watch TV or go out or do other stuff. All I do, in pretty much every free minute I get, is either read, write or swim. As my long-suffering friends and family can attest, this is something I have done since I’ve been a little kid. And I do it today. Since I can not swim on a train (or when at home with wife and kids and pets), I do the other. After a hard day’s work planning and producing and otherwise putting together a German language newspaper and media content, I really enjoy writing English language fiction! I know this is something other writers do, but I also know it seems weird to relax from a writing profession by pursuing …more writing. Anyway, it works for me. And if it perhaps works for you – if you enjoy what I write – then that would be a great next step. Since I do it for fun and to relax, I am not worried too much about this, but I would enjoy others enjoying the read of course. So let me know what you think – and be gentle: this is not about my day job, where I get relentlessly criticised in not just professional ways by all sorts of readers.