The official Summer Hols post

I am just on the way out of the editorial office. Writing this down after the last few absolutely frantic hours of putting touches to the next paper, conducting two interviews with leading politicians for the upcoming elections, extinguishing the inevitable last minute bushfires around the place means mainly one thing: I am writing these lines to tell myself that yes, it really is happening.

Yes, I am officially signing off for the next few weeks. Yes, I am away as of now.

So please don’t expect anything till the middle of September. Until then I will be completely offline. No internet, no phone, no TV, no radio, no newspaper. No facebook, no twitter, no blogging (though I will keep a diary….).

So that means recharging time with the family and friends, but also lots of swimming, reading, writing. Apart from keeping the diary I look forward to spending time on some non-factual storytelling. It will be like putting on a favourite old jumper that you haven’t worn for a long time because for inexplicable reasons you forgot about it at the back of the cupboard. Or so I pretentiously imagine.


(Image: Steve McFarland via Flickr Creative Commons)