Welcome to the Wimmerblog

After several months of hesitating and all sorts of deliberations, I am today publicly reconverting to blogging. Why? Several reasons.

  1. Freedom! Even Especially in my current role as editor-in-chief of a newspaper, I can’t simply write whatever I want to write about. And certainly not using whatever language and style takes my fancy or strikes me as most suitable. As a blogger of course, I can – just like everyone else. What is more, I do so freely and unencumbered by the many other constraints of professional journalism, be they technical, political or otherwise. This is liberating and lots of fun, but not (always) frivolous. For instance, I can also just write about the stuff I am interested in – fiction and books in general, philosophy, swimming, and so on.
  2. Technicalities! Even if I only wanted to blog, heck, comment as a journo on relevant stories: The online presence of the newspaper and the new online news service at my company (click here to check it out) do not comfortably allow for publishing opinion yet. Once that is happening, I will do so as much as I can and post the stuff here too. That brings me straight to the final point too.

    Image: Jacob Haddon (CC)
  3. Lastly, and most importantly perhaps: I am doing this out of necessity: I am both too busy and too compulsive a writer not to blog, paradoxical as that may seem at first: Other avenues, platforms and media are fragmenting my writing persona and are huge potential time sinks too. With a more than full-time job, a happy marriage, four kids, and plenty of other stuff going on I simply do not have time to hang around on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus as much as I would like to. Even if I did not have too much else on, I would try and reduce things, becoming more minimalist as I am growing older, and here at least I can collect my thoughts and publish them on my own terms, and hopefully engage in some meaningful discussions too whilst keeping people informed and up to date with what is happening. That may sound a touch selfish, and perhaps it is – but it is also out of sheer necessity. Look, I don’t know about you, but for me the sheer flood of information I am submerged in daily needs managing, or I will simply drown in this cloaca media.

Over the past twelve years, I have created and written for a number of blogs. I was part of a now defunct group of mostly literary academics called “Long Sunday” for a while. I wrote about my reconversion to Catholicism under a pseudonym, under which I also published my conversion story in a book later on. I was one of the few people who painfully worked – this must have been around the time when “Geocities” was still a thing online – remember them? – with one of the first blogging programs for the Mac. If memory serves it was aptly named “iBlog”. You will find none of the thousands of pages of text I must have written during that time on here. Nix, nada, niente. What you will find however, are a bunch of articles I wrote back on 2011, shortly after coming back to Germany after thirteen years in Australia. I still stand by most of what I published then, so I have decided to add these stories as a little “back catalogue” on here. And now, on with the show.

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  1. “out of necessity”? chapeau! sharing a bowl of rice w/ a friend recently, i recall having a discussion about whether or not one needs to be a “social” (meaning 2.0) person nowadays. we ended up finding a yes-and-no consensus. The more disappointing this evaluation of our common digital future was, the happier i am to find such a strong message in this blog. rock the boat, dude!

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